Guide Are You Kidding Me? A Journal of First Dates, Flings, and Finding Love

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Or he leaves you. You fall for someone, hard, then never hear from him again. Even at the best of times, love can be traumatizing, like being punched in the gut. We patch up our hearts and go forth, hoping to find our real true love. Why risk it all again? Because nothing feels as good as being in love. There is nothing better than lying in bed on a Sunday morning with someone who drives you wild.

are you kidding me a journal of first dates flings and finding love Manual

Whatever your experiences with guys have been in the past, I know the odds are you will go out and try to find love again. So often I hear, where are all the good men? Some may well be guys you date, and one may be the man of your dreams. The real benefit to the techniques I teach is that you will raise the level at which you live your life.

Women who live passionate lives are inherently sexy and attractive. What I teach in this book is how you can be proactive in your love life without seeming desperate or easy, and how you can choose the man you want to meet but still get him to do the chasing. When I was just starting to notice girls, I used to wonder how other guys always seemed to be able to get the girl they wanted, while I somehow always ended up with whoever would have me. It drove me mad. Even at a young age, I knew that there were rules of attraction that eluded me.

The frustration I felt about my own lack of prowess spurred me to teach myself how to become acquainted with the girls to whom I was attracted, how to talk to them, how to attract them, and how to win them. Over the years, I became more confident and successful. I believed I had tapped into something I could share with others, and I started to coach other guys on how to do the same for themselves. My coaching business grew quickly, and over the course of a few years, I worked with more than ten thousand guys on how to attract women.

By trying to overcome my own limitations I wound up developing a widespread reputation throughout the United Kingdom for helping guys with their love lives. There was no reason for them to be anything but honest. You would think they would all raise their hands. But only 60 percent of them raised their hands. Every single hand in the room went up. It turns out that men want what women want: a lasting, meaningful relationship. If women knew this about men, I thought, it might make them feel more optimistic about finding true love. At first, the thought of coaching women seemed daunting.

Why would anyone listen to me? How could I possibly help? But then the idea struck me that I knew what guys were thinking. I had spent years learning about what makes guys tick and what they were looking for. What if I took all of that acquired intelligence and shared it with women so they could use it to find love?

I could help them get noticed, get dates, and get treated with respect. Perhaps I could even help them to get the proposal of marriage so many of my female friends thought was out of reach. I created some basic and practical steps for women to follow and then hosted a small gathering for the women in my life. We worked on elegant techniques the women could use to influence men without ever looking as if they were doing anything. The key to making it all work is striking the perfect balance between being proactive and being high value.

More about that later. I had no idea how this would all go over, but my friends were floored.

In some ways, I felt as if I was betraying my own sex by coming over to fight for the other side, but I really wanted to bring some assistance to my female friends. Even though I believed every word of what I told these women, what happened next was crazy.

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Within the next week my single friends began getting dates with men who appealed to them. Those in relationships started saying their boyfriends were treating them with more respect, admiration, and attraction. Word spread. E- mails flooded my inbox from women with dating and relationship questions. I began conducting private coaching sessions. This was the beginning of what would be a years-long journey of working with fifty thousand women in Get the Guy events, and with millions online, to help them find love. The contents of this book are the result of what I have been thinking about, teaching, and refining over the past four years.

The next morning they return to the seminar and recount their stories. It is my hope that you will do the same after reading this book. Get the Guy is meant to be a double entendre. Some of it might strike you as a little blunt, but were I writing a book for men I would be just as direct about what they should be doing to find women, and believe me, the book would be much longer. Think of me as your personal insider, the guy in your corner. I know there is a lot of information out there about how to improve your love life.

These are the shallow and deep ends of the spectrum and may well have value. With a proper model, you will be successful. It has nothing to do with luck or fate or Cupid showing up with bow and arrow. Your love life is not determined by romantic notions and magical thinking, but rather by a set of conditions that everyone and anyone can create. My model is based on three basic ideas: 1. Learning simple, new behaviors that allow you to meet more guys and choose those you like 2.

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Understanding how men think and what they want 3. Creating a high-value lifestyle that will draw men to you and satisfy you with or without your guy The book is organized by techniques for finding the guy, getting the guy, and keeping the guy. This part of the book focuses primarily on how to increase your odds of meeting the right guy. You will learn that the theories that apply in the beginning are also relevant at the end. However, I wanted to overdeliver for you, so I have taken strategic snippets from my live seminars—which women fly from all over the world to attend— and put them online.

In these videos, I speak directly to you with the hope that your reading experience is enhanced, and you get the most from this book. And here is my promise to you: if you read this book, watch the videos, and truly put the advice into practice, you will meet more guys, your love life will improve, and ultimately so will your life. How long will it take to meet Mr. Right if you are meeting only one new man in an average week? What makes them even longer is that these interactions are probably happening by chance, and certainly not because they are men you have selected yourself.

If I asked the same question of a male reader, the number would be just as small. Both sexes are guilty of leaving their love lives to chance. The fate-will-bring-me-love approach lacks urgency, which leads to lack of action. When people put aside their love life to focus on these other areas, years pass, and one day the lack of urgency turns into panic.

We become frantic as we realize that not only is nothing happening in our love life, but we are at a loss as to how to make it happen, which of course leads to more panic, creating a loop of frustration, at best, or worse, hopelessness. You are going to have to go out and find him. And how do you find him? Waiting or Creating A word of encouragement before you set out to meet the man of your dreams: Life is full of people who wait.

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They wait for the right moment to approach someone, or wait for someone to approach them first. They wait to feel confident before taking action. Wait, wait, wait, for everything. Ask yourself: Right now, at this very moment, am I waiting or am I creating? Am I taking the positive steps which will give me results in my love life?

If your answer is no, take heart; simply by reading this book you are already taking action, seeking the knowledge that will enable you to make the changes necessary to make rapid progress. The knowledge that you are moving forward, improving, and developing in a significant way is what makes humans happy.

Wherever you feel you are right now, you still have a choice: you can wait or you can create.

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  7. There is only one way to wait: just do nothing. But there are thousands of ways to create, so the opportunities are endless. Go to www. You might think he is fine—or, even better, perfect for you. But since you have nothing to compare him with, you risk settling for less than you deserve.

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