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She asks one of the proprietors, a blind woman, about the Conjure of Sacrifice , which she learns is a spell wherein the caster steals the remaining years of life from the victim. Increasingly convinced of hoodoo's authenticity, Caroline fears that Violet will soon cast the spell on Ben. Caroline discovers that Violet is unable to pass a line of brick dust laid across one of the house's doorways, confirming her suspicions.

She incapacitates Violet and attempts to escape the house with Ben, but Violet uses magic to chain the front gate.

Caroline hides Ben on the property and enters Luke's office for help. Luke, revealed to be Violet's accomplice, brings Caroline back to the house. Caroline escapes, gets into a fight with Violet, and violently pushes her down the stairs, breaking her legs in the process. With strategic use of brick dust, Caroline flees to the attic, calls and Jill for help, and casts what she believes is a protective spell. Violet, having caught up with her, reveals she actually trapped herself inside a protective circle. Violet pushes a full-length mirror at Caroline, which reflects the original owner's daughter, then Violet, lastly Mama Cecile.

A recording of the Conjure of Sacrifice plays, and the two switch bodies. Violet revealed to be Mama Cecile, who had been occupying Violet's body through the Conjure wakes up in Caroline's body, and force-feeds Caroline now in Violet's body a potion that induces a stroke-like paralytic state like Ben's. Luke actually Papa Justify arrives upstairs, revealing that Mama Cecile and Papa Justify have been conducting the Conjure of Sacrifice on new people since their supposed deaths; they had swapped places with the two children just before the lynching.

Because hoodoo is supposedly only effective on those who believe in it, Cecile and Justify had to wait for Caroline to come to believe in hoodoo through her own investigation.

Oyster Bayou (Louisiana)

Emergency services arrive the next morning and take Caroline and Luke away, trapped in the paralyzed dying bodies of Violet and Ben; when Jill arrives, "Luke" tells her that the Devereauxes left the house to Caroline, ensuring that Cecile and Justify will continue to occupy the house. The Skeleton Key was released in the U. In the U.

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The site's consensus reads: "Thanks to its creaky and formulaic script, The Skeleton Key is more mumbo-jumbo than hoodoo and more dull than scary. USA Today wrote that the film "employs intriguing camera angles to heighten some of the suspense.

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The Exorcism of Emily Rose Drama Horror Thriller. The Uninvited Dead Silence Orphan Gothika Silent Hill Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kate Hudson Caroline Ellis Gena Rowlands Violet Devereaux John Hurt Ben Devereaux Peter Sarsgaard Luke Marshall Joy Bryant Jill Maxine Barnett Mama Cynthia Fahnlohnee R. Hallie as Fahnlohnee Harris Marion Zinser Bayou Woman Deneen Tyler Desk Nurse Ann Dalrymple Trula M.

Nurse Audrey Thomas Uskali Madeleine Thorpe Forrest Landis Edit Storyline A young hospice worker helping care for an invalid who lives in a remote mansion in the Louisiana bayous finds herself caught in the middle of morbid happenings centered around a group of Hoodoo practitioners. Taglines: It can open any door.

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Country: USA Germany. Language: English French. Runtime: min.

Arthur'T Go To This House At The Swamp In Red Dead Redemption 2 Or Else!

Color: Black and White Color. Edit Did You Know? The actual house used in this movie, Felicity Plantation, is situated inland in St. James Parish, and is surrounded by farmland. The fictional Devereaux house was situated in Terrebonne Parish, which is coastal and swampy. Goofs When Caroline is giving Ben his bath, she drops both the soap and sponge into the bathtub water.

When she comes back to the bathtub, the soap is still floating in the water, but the sponge has appeared on the rack over the tub. Quotes [ first lines ] Caroline Ellis : [ reading from Treasure Island ] I lost no time, of course, in telling my mother all that I knew, and we saw ourselves at once in a difficult and dangerous position. Something must speedily be resolved upon, and it occurred to us at last to go forth together and seek help in the neighboring hamlet. No sooner said than done. Bare-headed as we were, we ran out at once into the gathering evening and the frosty fog.

The hamlet lay not many hundred yards away, though out of view on the Veteran English actor John Hurt plays Violet's husband who may have suffered a stroke The Skeleton Key was shot on location in southern Louisiana and the soundtrack is brimming with authentic blues and Dixieland jazz. Open main navigation Live TV.

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