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Weil had used him to gain more power, and abandoned him.

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Copy X then attempts to transform into his second form, despite X's warnings about a device implanted into him, and is destroyed as a result. Weil then announces X's death to Neo Arcadia, claiming it to be the work of the Resistance, and evokes Ordinance 8 in order to become its new ruler. Zero and X then decide to go their separate ways, although not before X cryptically informed Zero that it "was the heart that matters, not the body.

After a few more missions and collecting data, Zero learns from Ciel that Dr. Weil is planning on re-enacting the Elf Wars. Weil and Omega then takes control of all the Reploids on the planet once more. X, however, uses his powers to protect the Reploids in the Resistance Base from Weil's control.

Zero sets off to stop Weil, tracking him down to his secret laboratory, which incidentally, was close to where Zero was found at the beginning of the series.

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Zero is confronted by Omega, and the two do battle. After defeating two of Omega's forms, Zero lands with Omega's remains in the very room which he was sealed in. Weil then reveals that Zero is a fake, and that Omega is in fact the "real" Zero, and Zero's original body breaks out of the shell that was Omega's previous form.

Zero Time Dilemma

Zero, however, still defeats Omega Zero after an intense duel. X himself appears alongside the Guardians, and told Zero of Weil's deception: that Omega may be using Zero's original body, but the "fake" Zero still has his real soul.

So, regardless of Omega using his original body, Zero destroys him presumably once and for all, but Weil escapes. The Dark Elf, now free of her curse and called Mother Elf once more, roams free.

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However, X cannot roam in the real world any longer. Before X goes away, he tells an unconscious Zero to always protect peace between Reploids and humans, a promise Zero keeps up to heart in the next game.

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Eight months after the destruction of Omega, Neo Arcadia remained under Weil's control. After Weil began to terminate humans who opposed him, several groups of humans escaped the city that used to be their utopia. When the Resistance received knowledge of this, they immediately dispatched a team to assist and protect the refugees. Zero, along with Ciel and a few other Resistance members, intercepted an assault team of Weil's Variant drones remodeled Mechaniloid soldiers which had replaced the Pantheons that attacked a refugee truck Caravan. After countering the attack, Zero and Ciel met Neige , a human journalist who tried everything possible to both bring all people safely to their new refuge, Area Zero , and to find out the whole truth about Weil.

The Variant attack, however, was just the beginning. Craft tells Zero of Operation Ragnarok , a plan to destroy all inhabitable areas outside Neo Arcadia so no one can escape Dr. Weil's rule. Zero defeats 4 of the Einherjar one by one, and then repels an attack on Area Zero by Craft himself. The latter's objective was to kidnap Neige, who was an old friend of his. Zero rescues Neige from the prison Craft took her to, but not before Neige managed to push a little of her ideals back into her old friend.

When the rest of the Einherjar Warriors are eliminated, Craft revolts against Weil and commandeers the " Ragnarok " space station, threatening to obliterate Neo Arcadia with the station's laser cannon. The Resistance immediately commences the evacuation of the city while Zero storms the space station. Despite his efforts, Zero is too late and Craft opens fire, destroying the city.

Zero then engages Craft in combat and defeats him. Mortally wounded, Craft asks Zero why he continues to fight for the humans that feared him and all Reploids. Zero replies that he was obligated by a promise he has made to a friend and their faith in the human race. Realizing what he's done, Craft asks Zero to continue living up to that promise, before shutting down for good.

All is not well, however. A second laser fired from Ragnarok alerted everyone that it was still operational, and that the station is now falling down to Earth. After going through Ragnarok's defenses to reach the core, Zero discovers Weil waiting for him. Having actually survived Ragnarok's laser fire, Weil teleported into the space station after the blast, maneuvering it to crash into Area Zero. After the first of their two battles, the space station is damaged.

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Ciel pleads for Zero to return to Earth, lest he get stranded due to increasing transporter interference. Seeing Weil still alive, Zero passes the offer to go back and proceeds to finish him off in their second battle, ultimately sacrificing himself as the destruction of Weil's last form causes the station to explode. Zero's sacrifice opens the eyes of many, finally bringing peace between the Reploids and humans left on Earth.

The aftermath, however, leaves his friends grieving at his apparent death his actual fate remains uncertain , especially Ciel, who is later inspired to pick up his work to create harmony between Reploids and humans. The scene then shifts to a view of Zero and Ciel looking at an army of Pantheons. Weil, and that the last time Dr. Weil had appeared, he was stopped by Zero although the game never addresses Zero by name, simply calling him "a hero". Omega also appears as an optional boss in Area N Defeating him in Normal or Hard will grant access to a mysterious artifact which allows the player to use Model OX.

Model Z manages to freeze the four Biometals, which freezes the users themselves. However, if the player beats hard mode, then a secret ending shows the four enemy Mega Men alive and well, in their MegaMerged form. He is implied alive, as he said before he disappeared "It's not the day to meet my maker," referencing that no matter what, even in death, he continues to live, resurrected in some way or another, always fighting with whoever he is with.

An interesting point in this is the fact that he seemed to die aboard Ouroborous, made from Model Ws, which are made from pieces of the Ragnarok, the space station where Zero appeared to die in Mega Man Zero 4.

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Zero fighting against Vega in SNK vs. Zero in his Zero series form appears as a hidden playable character. He serves as a mid-boss. In his story, it appears he traveled back in time, since he's the only Reploid in the time frame and Ciel is the only person who can communicate with him. After winning a battle with Shin Akuma, Zero is transported to an ethereal-like cloudy area and then Athena appears to him.

Zero asks her where is he exactly and she states that he is in Heaven.

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Zero then tells Athena for her to send him back since he had a mission to accomplish and had no time for this. Athena then engages Zero in a battle to see if he deserved to return to his time, which Zero wins and gets sent back to his own time frame where he re-establishes contact with Ciel. Because he appears in a collaboration game between Capcom and SNK, his story is considered non-canon to the series. He can also use Cyber Elves in some of his attacks. Zero in his Zero series appearance is also a hidden playable character.

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