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And there is an excellent and quite tense story line in there too. I rather liked John Pullen and felt a little sad for him and his Dad and brother.


There was a little bit of stereotyping and occasional over the top moments but mostly our two main characters got on with the business of catching the baddies and trying not to get blown up. Three stars from me. View all 5 comments. Nov 21, Bill rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Those that really need to read every Baldacci book.

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The good guy is perfect and the bad guys are really, really evil. Sometimes David Baldacci gets it just right and sometimes he just falls flat. I am putting Zero Day in the latter category. John Puller is in the Army's Criminal Investigation Division and is called upon to investigate a murder in a small West Virginia coal mining town. While there, he learns these deaths may have very large implications. The story really falls short in a number of ways.

First, the sheer size and scope of the invest The good guy is perfect and the bad guys are really, really evil. First, the sheer size and scope of the investigation and how the government treated it was just out there.. John Puller's character was interesting and unique but he had this magic rucksack that contained everything from bio-hazard gear to explosives and night vision gear and everything in between. It just seemed completely implausible this character could be so perfect in so many ways and be able to carry all that equipment in the rucksack.

As you can tell, the rucksack issue really bothered me.

ISBN 13: 9781447208860

I did listen to this book from Audible. This is not the first time these two have done characters for David Baldacci and I must say they are the ones that kept me going, not the story. Being a fan of David Baldacci, I read it and will likely read the next one s to but he really needs to bring things back down to earth.

View all 9 comments. I enjoyed my last book by Baldacci, but this one hit too many of my hot buttons. Seriously, he was doing better than Ducky at one point. Possibly worse, Bald I enjoyed my last book by Baldacci, but this one hit too many of my hot buttons. Possibly worse, Baldacci kept describing everything in gory detail. I really don't care about every move the action on his blah-blah-blah pistol makes when he cocks it. I don't particularly care about the 7 dozen items he has in his CSI bag with pockets in it, either. Not for me, although the reader was pretty good.

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David Baldacci "The Escape"

I really like this author and have enjoyed reading most of his books. This is the 1st book in the John Puller Series and introduces John Puller, the hero, who works in the military. Good writing, good plot and some great characters.

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Enjoyable read. View all 4 comments. May 14, Katherine Adams rated it did not like it. I've read several of David Baldacci's books, and enjoyed them.


It was surprising to see so many similarities to such a well-known character like Reacher. The first time Puller craved coffee, I thought "Reacher. The story begins when Puller is sent to a small West Virginia town to investigate the grisly murder of a military intelligence agent and his family. Puller is forced to work with a hard-nosed female police sergeant Sam Cole who has to deal with sexist officers and a messy personal life. How Puller and Cole discover why the initial murders were committed involves so many twists and unnecessary minor characters, the biggest mystery is how I managed to finish this book.

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  • Even if you're a Baldacci fan, I'd stick this mess at the bottom of your "to read" pile. View all 3 comments. It's not often I'm compelled to drop a book out of sheer despair, but this is one of them. Well, not literally, since it was in audio format on my phone, and dropping it would have had serious consequences. But at the 54 minute mark of the 57 minute second cd, enough was enough. At a crime scene, Baldacci's shameless clone of Jack Reacher, here called Puller, started explaining in relentless, unpitying and irrelevant detail how to take a flash photograph.

    This took several chapters, or seemed th It's not often I'm compelled to drop a book out of sheer despair, but this is one of them. This took several chapters, or seemed that way, and as far as I can guess--since I don't intend to read on--served no point whatever. More stalwart readers can tell me if I'm wrong.

    This passage came not long after Puller abstractedly mused--as the local sheriff leveled a gun at him--that she had adopted the classic shooters stance pioneered by Sgt So and So Since this was a completely gratuitous scene--not to mention that the sheriff was only about three feet away at the time,and unlikely to miss--this passage also seemed a trifle superfluous.

    And let's not even get started on the shotgun pellets. The whole book--sorry, the whole twenty percent I could bare--is like that. Relentless, senseless re-iteration of pointless trivia about anything and everything--for the sake of showing off, like a kid in school jamming as much cribbed information into his report as he can. Like Reacher's impressive physique and stone cold manner, Baldacci seems to have adopted his encyclopedic array of trivia as well for his own hero.

    But when Reacher riffs on a subject, it means something. With Baldacci's Puller, it's filler. The other fine reviewers here have remarked with great detail and wit on the uncomfortable similarity of Puller to Reacher.

    For this reason alone the book has to be tossed into the 'what was he thinking! Surely Baldacci was not intending to write a page tribute? Or parody? Most books I read come to me in audio, and how the narrators interpret the characters do shape my impressions. Unfortunately Hachette audio chose to bring in a second reader to voice the female dialogue.

    Why some audiobook producers do that is a mystery. If it were a radio play, that would be one thing, but in the context of an audiobook the random intrusion of a completely different voice, obviously not recorded at the same time or place, is jarring and breaks up the flow, and here makes a bad situation worse. It's very rare when I have to toss a book aside. I can get through the most amazing, convoluted, impossible-beyond-belief nonsense just to see how things turn out.

    But there's good nonsense, and bad.

    This, I'm afraid, is one of those. Aug 08, Jane Shambler rated it liked it Shelves: army , netgalley. I have read a few books by this author and have never been disappointed until now. I was really looking forward to it as well So I am doubly disappointed. Now I normally do not have any issue with this authors writing style until now.

    The Escape (John Puller, #3) by David Baldacci

    Since when has it been ok to talk in very short sentences. If this was an audio book I get the feeling the narrator would speak to me slowly. Also, no offense but this has been done before. Too many times before. The main character is Puller who is a highly decorate I have read a few books by this author and have never been disappointed until now. He saves a lot of people but remembers the one's he couldn't save. Puller is a good guy. The bad guys in this book are evil. When Puller go's on an investigation the guy has this bottomless pit rucksack that seems to hold everything he needs. Think Reacher.